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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


For more than a decade, BusinessWeek  served as Ghana’s most influential weekly business publication. Published in hard copy form every Monday, BusinessWeek shaped the agenda for corporate Ghana and consumer markets as well as for government itself and its business regulatory  and facilitation institutions.

Now we have evolved BusinessWeek in line with the changing nature of business communications in Ghana, whereby  the middle and upper market segments are increasingly turning to the Internet to get the information and analyses they need. The result is:


Starting from mid April 2017, BusinessWeek will be back as Ghana’s total on-line newspaper. And this means it will be bigger and better than ever before. And most importantly it offers readers a much better value proposition than any other business and economy media in Ghana


*BusinessWeek On-line will give you fresh news as it breaks every day, from Monday to Saturday, every week

* We will give you features, news analyses, up-to-date data and statistics, insights and perspectives that reveal and inteprete trends as they emerge,  These will be deliberately presented in such a way as to provide critical inputs with which to improve business and economic management decision making.

*  Being on-line there will be no constraints to the volume of editorial content and data we provide you because there will be on physical pagination constraints.

*All this at no cost to you, simply at the touch of a button.



  • BusinessWeek On-line will give you by far the cheapest advertising rates in Ghana’s business and economy media .
  • *Being on-line there will be no constraints to our reach either in terms of number or readers we can reach, nor in terms of their geographical spread. BusinessWeek On-line will reach everyone with Internet access wherever they are all around the world.
  • * Therefore we offer you the best advertising value proposition ever provided by Ghana’s business media

You can be part of BusinessWeek On-line’s business media revolution. Simply go to ….(Insert website address) from the second half of April.

Welcome to a whole new world of business and economic information!


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Executive Director:Stella Mbuko-Sam

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